Software Freedom

The concept of free software was defined by the Free Software Foundation. The homonym sense of the English word “free” connotes free as in freedom and free as in zero cost. Software freedom is the principal concept, zero cost is just a by-product of it. However you look at it, the concept itself is radical, if not revolutionary. It reminds you of various movements in history like the struggle to freedom of suffrage, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the like.  The struggle to break free from the clutches of commercial software is purely subjective on an individual or collective basis. That struggle is still being carried out today.

If you don’t buy into the software freedom bandwagon, it’s perfectly fine. That’s the essence of a more basic freedom: free will. It’s either you vote in an election or not. It’s either you exercise freedom of religion or not (atheism). It’s either you speak for a cause or not (doing nothing).

It’s either you exercise software freedom or not. It’s that simple.

Happy Software Freedom Day!


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