Recovering Space on FlipVideo

Using the Flip Video Mino HD on Linux Mint 9 is a fairly straightforward process. Upon insertion on your USB port, the Flip Video will be automatically mounted and F-Spot will automatically run. I prefer to copy and delete the videos using the Nautilus file manager. Videos are saved under the DCIM/100VIDEO folder so you have to delete those files after you copied them on your computer to make space available. One day after years of using it, the Flip Video says the camcorder is full but I just emptied the 100VIDEO folder!

After a couple of google search, I stumbled upon a technologizer blog post that says about Flip Video’s internal file management routines.

First, I opened the Disk Usage Analyzer to see where the files are. I noticed one hidden folder which is characterized by a dot (.) followed by the folder name. So I opened Nautilus and enable the Show Hidden Files checkbox. I looked at the files under the .Trash-1000 folder, deleted them and voila, I was able to recover file space from the Flip Video.

I just wish I had the bigger storage for my Flip Video. Mine is just the 4GB one.


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