Teach FOSS with Fun

While the OLPC project is a complement to educate young children using a low-cost, low-power laptop, the Computer Masti project on the other hand developed at IIT Bombay aims to do the same but using a standard computer or laptop utilizing free/open source software. The approach is more practical than the OLPC project because the skills being learned are actually the skills required on how to operate the Edubuntu operating system, Open Office suite, and others (like teaching basic programming using Scratch, TuxMath, GCompris, etc).

Like what I have said in TechLedger:

In a few years time, open source will become mainstream. The next generation of open source advocates and programmers must begin with the current crop of school children. Teach open source to the young as soon as possible because teaching open source, like education, is like the bamboo. The earlier, the better.

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