Force Version in Synaptic


You’ve got Linux Mint 9 Isadora and you want to install MiniTube. Unfortunately, the current version 1.0 package in the Linux Mint repository (as of this writing) is buggy, outdated and does not have the video download capability (as of version 1.2), so you need to get the latest version. In other words, you want to get the latest version of a certain package that is not yet available from your distro repository. What to do now?


As they say, Google is your friend. But first, you need to be aware of the concept of PPA, Software Sources in Ubuntu (in Linux Mint, click Menu -> Administration -> Applications -> Software Sources), and basic knowledge of package management.

This is the procedure for Linux Mint 9:

Look for the PPA or the location of the latest version of package you want

1. Open Software Sources (at the Mint Menu, type Software Sources at the Filter box), click the Other Software tab, the click the Add… button

2. At the APT line, enter

deb lucid main

3. Click Close. Assuming you have internet connection, click Reload (so it’s going to be updated)

Use the Force Version in Synaptic

4. Open Synaptic Package Manager

5. Enter the package name at the search box

6. Once found, select the package (in our case, it’s minitube). You may look at the Latest Version column to verify if the repository has the latest version. If not, Google search on where you can find the latest package. As of this writing, minitube’s latest version was 1.2 (

7. From the Package menu, click Force Version… (select the version that you want, and click the Force Version button)

8. Click Apply

9. Done!!!


2 thoughts on “Force Version in Synaptic

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