Even FOSS isn’t Free

There’s no such thing as a free lunch“, so the saying goes. The same applies with FOSS. Granted, FOSS is free, libre, gratis. But everything has a price, and that includes your time. For newbies, FOSS is indeed free. But those coming from Windows and Mac, there is a learning curve which costs time. As they say, “time is gold”. And I didn’t even mention your apps that may or may not have its counterpart in FOSS.

FOSS may require training and time for familiarization. If you use time as a yardstick, FOSS has a price in the short-term. But once you smoothed the edges and sort out the issues relative to an individual or business, FOSS pays off in the long run. But then, FOSS is more than free. As Richard Stallman says, FOSS is free as in speech, not as in beer.


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