Everything has a Price

It has been said that everything has a price. The question is, “Are you willing to pay for it”? Well, it is much applicable in life as in  business and free/open source software (FOSS). FOSS may be free, but there is a trade-off you will have to pay. It can be your precious time in the form of exploring, training, learning curve, retrofitting Windows apps, etc. As the saying goes, “Time is gold”.

Linux may be doing great in servers because its users are (not surprisingly) technical, but in the desktop arena, ordinary end-users are non-technical. The issue with desktop Linux is not entirely Linux. It’s the people, the average Joe who simply wants a distro to work out-of-the-box. The problem is not Linux, it’s the process of educating people to become aware of the FOSS phenomenon and its implications. Education is a big deal, that may explain why Red Hat is not into the desktop Linux business.

Linux may not be able to crack the business of desktop OS. Or maybe it can. At any rate, Linux is going to occupy the long tail of desktop computing for years to come.


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