Linux Mint Debian Edition

The beauty with VirtualBox is you can try a specific distro in a virtual machine without messing up your physical computer. So I tried to install the latest release of Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE)


For newbies who are spoiled with the usability of the original Linux Mint which is based on Ubuntu, LMDE  is bound to scratch your head. These are the specs that make it to a successfull install.

Virtual Machine:

32 GB hard disk

1GB memory

Root Partition: 4GB (size), 2.95GB (used), 1.05GB (unused)

Home Partition: 28GB (size), 621.85MB (used), 27.39GB (unused)

Boot: GRUB on /dev/sda

It is important to note that the VM fails to install if the root partition is less than 3GB. The Linux Mint blog says that the minimum hard disk space is 4GB.

To install Guest Additions,

cd /media

cd cdrom0


Will update upon taking it to spin and see if these settings will work…


2 thoughts on “Linux Mint Debian Edition

  1. Forward…….Guess what weve reached the hard part – disk partitioning. It will scan all your hard disks and display the.present partitions and all their details.

  2. If after rebooting you get an error about the theme at the login prompt repeat this step. .To get GDM to play the default Linux Mint sound open Login Window click on the Accessibility tab and set the sound for Login screen ready to usr share sounds linuxmint-gdm.wav……………………………You can follow any responses to this entry through the feed.

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