Broadband Bandwidth Strategies

Bruce Schneier has an interesting post about security and ecosystems:

Cory Doctorow rightly pointed out that all complex ecosystems have parasites. Society’s traditional parasites are criminals, but a broader definition makes more sense here. As we users lose control of those systems and IT providers gain control for their own purposes, the definition of “parasite” will shift. Whether they’re criminals trying to drain your bank account, movie watchers trying to bypass whatever copy protection studios are using to protect their profits, or Facebook users trying to use the service without giving up their privacy or being forced to watch ads, parasites will continue to try to take advantage of IT systems. They’ll exist, just as they always have existed…

In today’s broadband networks, vendors have reasons to weed out inappropriate usage of these parasites. The term parasites may be harsh enough but whatever you call it, there are always users who abuse and will abuse the system.

Vendor strategies may include bandwidth capping, bandwidth throttling or traffic shaping just like with T-Mobile USA, or any various combinations thereof that have been invented and yet to be invented.


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