Search for Best Teaching Practices


What: Government search for best practices in teaching science and technology with large class sizes (51-70 students) or very large class sizes (71 or more).

When: The project will run for two school years and in three phases, namely: proposal submission and evaluation, project development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and presentation of results in a forum/national conference and awarding of winners.

At stake: From the roster of schools that will submit their proposals, ten will be chosen, five for the large class and another five for the extra large class, which would be awarded P100,000 each to spend for the innovation proposal they have submitted.

Dubbed the “Search for Innovative Practices in Managing Large Classes,” two schools with the best practices will be awarded P100,000 and a plaque of recognition to help them improve further their large class teaching practices.

Why: Catris said a correlation between the teacher-student ratio and their National Achievement Test (NAT) results in 2009 showed that as the number of students increases inside the classroom, the scores they get in the NAT decreases.


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