Debian Admin Handbook

Courtesy:  Debian Administrator’s Handbook

The first half of the book covers topics relevant for any Debian user:

  • how the Debian project works and the various distributions that it offers;
  • how to effectively use the packaging system and the associated tools (dpkg, APT, …);
  • how to install Debian with debian-installer;
  • how to find the required documentation/help;
  • how to setup new services;
  • how to solve the problems that you might encounter;

The second half of the book concerns system administrators who have to setup and manage a Debian server, or a large set of desktop machines. You’ll learn:

  • how to configure all the most common services (Apache, Postfix, OpenLDAP, Samba, NFS, …)
  • how to setup virtual machines with KVM/Xen/LXC
  • how to secure your server
  • how to automatize installations with FAI/d-i/simple-cdd
  • how to manage your storage with LVM and RAID

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